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The Online Course Development Process

About This Course

This course introduces students to Open EdX and the Course Development Process for building courses in Open EdX. It includes templates and documents to help a user start buildng a course. Major components include:

  1. Introduction to Open EdX - Learn about what an online course looks like in Open EdX
  2. Process Overview - See how the ADDIE model makes building courses faster & easier
  3. Phase 1: Analysis - Determine your target audience and what you want to teach them
  4. Phase 2: Design - Put together design documents that will make building your course run smoothly
  5. Phase 3: Build - Learn about best practices when pulling together course materials
  6. Phase 4: Review - Review your course for quality and completion before it goes live
  7. Phase 5: Deliver - Deliver your course to your students!
  8. Course Modes - Know when you should use a synchronous vs. asynchronous course

Course Staff helps organizations build enterprise-quality online courses. We are a full service consultancy that assists with LMS implementation, course design, course production, and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Subject Matter Experts with little to moderate knowledge of how to build online courses, and instructional designers who want to know more about EdX. Some material may be review material for

What does this course include?

In addition to video, quizzes and written materials, this course includes downloadable assets and templates to help you get started with your course creation experience.

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