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Building a Course in Open EdX

About This Course

This course walks students through setting up a course in Open Edx, and building that course out. . It includes accelerators and templates for someone who wants to build their own course. Topics covered include:

  • Setting up a Course
    • Creating a Course
    • Setting the Course schedule
    • Configuring Grading
    • Managing the Course Team
    • Displaying a Course
  • Building a Course
    • The Course Outline
    • Video
    • Problems
    • Discussions
    • Upload Static Content
    • Embed PDF's
    • Graded Subsections
    • Publishing
  • Managing a course
    • Enrolling Students
    • Team Member Roles
    • Instructor Dashboard
    • Managing Discussions

Course Staff helps organizations build enterprise-quality online courses. We are a full service consultancy that assists with LMS implementation, course design, course production, and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for Instructional Designers or others involved in the course development process who want to be able to build courses in Open EdX.

What does this course include?

In addition to video, quizzes and written materials, this course includes downloadable assets and templates to help you get started with your course creation experience.

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